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Workshop Module

Fostering and Promoting a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion at OSU


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  • What led OSU to create this diversity and inclusion workshop?

    The diversity and inclusion module is the result of a student-led effort.

    Between 2016-2018, the OSU Student Government Association enacted three pieces of legislation requiring every student, staff and faculty to complete a diversity and inclusion workshop. The legislation was subsequently supported by university leadership as a reasonable expectation for the University, including every student, to advance our culture of inclusion.

    In addition, OSU is a land-grant institution committed to open, welcoming, and respectful campus environments throughout the University system. As a public institution of higher education receiving federal funds, OSU has a specific obligation under Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX to ensure adherence to these laws. OSU students, faculty, and staff are subject to these state and federal laws. 

    That student-led initiative aligns with the University’s land-grant mission while simultaneously facilitating OSU’s compliance with laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination. This module is the result of the university’s efforts to support the student initiative and advance the broader commitment to sustaining and enriching the culture of inclusion at OSU. 

  • Where do I take the course?

    On the OSU website located here.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    The module takes roughly 25-30 minutes to complete.

  • Does the module have to be done all at once or can I do some of it and then come back?

    If you exit the module and come back to it at a later time, it will not save your progress. Please be prepared to set aside 20-30 minutes to complete the module and knowledge check.

  • Is there a quiz?
    There is a brief knowledge check section at the end of the module.


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