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Mr. & Miss Black OSU Scholarship Pageant

The Mr. & Miss Black OSU Scholarship Pageant occurs each year during Black History Month. The scholarship pageant program is open to all OSU undergraduate students.  



In the fall of 1970, the first Miss Black Oklahoma State University was crowned, setting precedence for the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) scholarship pageants centered on diverse cultures and customs. In spring 2016, the Miss Black OSU Scholarship Pageant program was extended to include a Mr. Black OSU Scholarship Pageant. The addition provided more students opportunities to win scholarships and celebrate and honor Black culture and traditions.


Today, the pageant council holds steadfast to the principals established at the pageant's inception: empowerment, culture and diversity. 



The mission of the Mr. and Miss Black Oklahoma State University Scholarship Pageant is to further develop the leadership, confidence and creativity of students. The royals will positively advance the aims and objectives of the African American Student Association, represent Oklahoma State University and serve as role models and spokespersons for their respective communities.


Additional Information

The Mr. & Miss Black OSU Scholarship Pageant brings awareness to various Black customs, exhibits regard to scholarship and service and celebrates the rich the heritage of the Black community.



Students interested in participating in the annual Mr. & Miss Black OSU Scholarship Pageant must meet specific requirements at the time of application, the semester of the pageant and if selected as a pageant winner, uphold the pageant requirements the following academic year.


The Mr. and Miss Black OSU Scholarship Pageant consists of seven categories: two pre-pageant categories and five on-stage competitions.  

Titleholder Description

The titleholders represent the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the African American Student Association and Oklahoma State University.

Miss Black Oklahoma State University 2021

Becka Cammon

Becka Cammon, Miss Black OSU 2021


Marketing research and analytics junior, Becka Cammon, is the 51st Miss Black OSU. She will spend her reign bringing awareness to single parenthood in the Black community and connecting families to resources and support services. Follow the Miss Black OSU Instagram page for event information and learn more about Becka's platform here.




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