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Oklahoma State University

A Welcome from the Vice President

Vice President, Institutional Diversity Dr. Jason Kirksey

Welcome to the Division of Institutional Diversity at Oklahoma State University. OSU values, supports, and advances diversity and recognizes it as  an integral component in our pursuit of academic excellence and leadership development.  The Division of Institutional Diversity works to engage the OSU community with progressive programs and initiatives focused on embracing, enhancing, celebrating, and promoting diversity and inclusiveness. Our goal is to cultivate campus communities that not only are open, welcoming, and respectful, but also that promote the continuous increase of cultural awareness and understanding throughout the OSU community.

We are committed to maintaining and strengthening a University environment that is socially, culturally, and globally competent. We aspire to attract a more diverse campus population that appreciates difference and maximizes the development and contributions of our community members.  As we continue to mature in our commitment to diversity, OSU is proud of the progress that has been achieved and excited about our continued success.

As a land-grant institution, OSU is committed to promoting access and opportunity in higher education for all citizens of the state, region, nation, and world, especially those from underserved and underrepresented groups. The Division of Institutional Diversity offers a variety of academic, social, and personal support for all OSU students to assist in not only their advancement as scholars and leaders, but also their personal development. We serve as a valuable resource for all members of the OSU community who seek to expand their understanding, recognition, appreciation, and respect for the differences and commonalities that exist among all individuals.  The Division of Institutional Diversity helps advance the overall mission of Oklahoma State University by ensuring that the contributions of all members of the OSU community are respected, celebrated, and valued.

Our commitment to diversity begins at the top with President V. Burns Hargis and permeates throughout the campus. As the spectrum of excellence continues to broaden at OSU, we have established inclusive excellence as a core value.  This means we are actively seeking ways to ensure that our students are becoming scholars, leaders, innovators, and teachers who are not only intensely focused on being academically successful, but who are also committed to community engagement and positively impacting their communities by becoming strong, ethical, and effective leaders. The Division of Institutional Diversity is committed to providing results-oriented, engaging, invigorating, and inspiring opportunities for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to create a better and brighter future at OSU.