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Annual Research Symposiums


The 26th Annual Virtual Research Symposium was held on October 3, 2020, hosted by Oklahoma State University and Symposium by ForagerOne. Dr. Ngozi Ubani Ochoa, from the University of Texas-El Paso LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate and LSAMP Alum presented the keynote address.  The OK-LSAMP Research Symposium welcomed 93 attendees for video poster presentations, virtual live oral presentations, and guest speakers.  28 students presented from seven alliance campuses. In addition to the keynote speaker, the conference hosted a Graduate School Preparation and Tips panel. Dr. Cammi Valdez served as moderator with panelists; Dr. Ana Chicas-Mosier, Karina Flores, Ashlee Hawkins, Matthew Maxwell, and Jesse Velasco. This panel discussed their experiences as they moved through graduate school. The following OK-LSAMP scholars were recognized for their impressive research projects and presentation skills.

OK-LSAMP Scholar Recognitions

2020 OK-LSAMP Oral Presentations

2020 OK-LSAMP Symposium Program


The OK-LSAMP 25th Annual Research Symposium was held on October 5, 2019, at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater with a full day of presentations and workshops.  Dr. Cammi Valdez, a former OK-LSAMP Scholar, a vascular biologist, and McNair Scholars Program Director at Wellesley College, Boston Massachusetts was the keynote speaker.  140 faculty, staff, students, and special guests attended the event to view posters and network with other researchers.  42 scholars presented from 10 alliance campuses.   Congratulations to the following Scholars who received awards.

OK-LSAMP Scholar Recognitions

2019 OK-LSAMP Symposium program


The 24th Annual Research Symposium was held on November 3, 2018 at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. The Keynote address was given by Dr. Michael Ceballos, Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR).  He is a faculty affiliate of the UA Cell and Molecular Biology program as well as the UA Space and Planetary Sciences program.  Using his prior experience in neurobiology and virology, Dr. Ceballos currently studies neurotropic dsDNA virus systems and emergent infectious disease dynamics, in humans and other vertebrates (e.g., fish and mice). Dr. Ceballos engaged OK-LSAMP scholars and other attendees by speaking on his experiences and what has made him a successful Scientist.  OK-LSAMP welcomed 179 attendees to survey student research with 18 oral presentations and 42 poster presentation.  

2018 OK-LSAMP Symposium program


The 23rd Annual Research Symposium was held on September 16, 2017, on the Oklahoma State University, Stillwater campus. The Symposium welcomed 178 attendees for a full day of workshops, posters, oral presentations, and guest speakers. Mr. Darron J. Lamkin, founder and president of Class Matters (Oklahoma City, OK) was the keynote speaker for the 23rd Annual Research Symposium. Lamkin is a proud OK-LSAMP and BD alumnus that empowers youth through hands-on STEM learning activities and sharing his life lessons. Through the vision of Class Matters “empower our future, one teen at a time”, Darron desires to realize the mission “to develop future engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders who realize their potential and maximize the potential of others”.

2017 OK-LSAMP Symposium program



The 22nd Annual Research Symposium was held on September 24, 2016 at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Robin Kimmerer, plant ecologist, writer and Distinguished Teaching Professor from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry presented a captivating keynote address.  The OK-LSAMP Research Symposium welcomed 127 attendees for a day of workshops, poster and oral presentations, ethics training, and guest speakers.  Our scholars presented 39 posters and had 16 oral presentations. In addition to the keynote speaker, the conference hosted other speakers and panelist. Dr. Toni Shaklee, Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Research responsible for policy development and implementation hosted a Responsible conduct of research information session for all in attendance. A panel of LSAMP undergraduate scholars and alumni provided information and their experiences of their international research and international academic experiences.

2016 OK-LSAMP Symposium program



The 21st Annual Research Symposium was held on September 26, 2015 at Oklahoma State University. We were excited to have Dr. Kathleen Kaplan, lead of the U.S. Air Force basic research problem in systems and software, serve as the keynote speaker. Dr. Kaplan is a member of the Department of Defense Acquisition Corps and has the highest level acquisition and technology workforce and certification. Dr. Kaplan presentation was very informative. Dr. Virginia Swindell, serves as a mechanical engineer for the Air Force Research Laboratory, also spoke. She is recognized nationally as the Modern Day Technology leader. OK-LSAMP and invited scholars made 25 oral presentations and 47 poster presentations to 217 faculty, staff, students and guests. Thank you for all attendees for being a part of the 21st Annual Research Symposium.


The 20th Annual Research Symposium was held on Saturday, September 27, 2014, at Oklahoma State University. We celebrated 20 years of increasing the number of students from underrepresented populations who receive degrees in STEM! OK-LSAMP surprised Dr. Earl Mitchell Jr. by presenting him an award for his dedication to OK-LSAMP and programs with similar goals. Dr. A. James Hicks, NSF LSAMP Program Director, visited with attendees and provided words of encouragement for the Scholars and BD Fellows. 


Dr. S. Brett Walker, former OK-LSAMP Scholar, despite travel problems was able to give the keynote address. Dr. Walker is Co-founder and CEO of Electroninks, a company that is revolutionizing the way electronics is taught in school. They created Circuit Scribe - a pen that will write conductive ink. Their Kickstarter video was extremely well received! Click here to see a video of Dr. Walker's presentation. 236 faculty, staff, students, and special guests attended this year's event. There were 71 posters and 26 oral presentations. Wesley Co, former OK-LSAMP Scholar, gave a brief presentation. Dr. Gary Sandefur, OSU Provost, provided an OSU Welcome. Click here to see a video of the welcome presentations. Congratulations to all the Scholars who received awards for their presentations!



The 19th Annual Research Symposium was held on Saturday, September 21, 2013, at Oklahoma State University. We were excited to have Dr. Dwight E. Adams, Director of the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Sciences Institute, serve as the keynote speaker. Dr. Adams spent 23 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and his presentation was inspiring and informative. Diana Lizarraga, Director of Cal NERDS at the University of California-Berkeley, spoke about today's generation of young scientists. Logan Watts, Training Coordinator at the University of Oklahoma's Research Center, provided a seminar on research ethics. OK-LSAMP and invited scholars made 21 oral presentations and 58 poster presentations. 232 faculty, staff, students, and guests attended this event - thank you to all attendees!



The 18th Annual Research Symposium was held onSaturday, October 6, 2012, at Oklahoma State University. Dr. BJ Bench, former OK-LSAMP Scholar, presented the keynote address. Dr. Bench received his BS degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He continued his education to receive a Ph.D. from Texas A&M and is now a chemist at Tyson Foods Safety and Research Lab. Darron "DJ" Lamkin, OSU BD Fellow, gave a seminar on "Defining Your Research Focus" and Desmond Harvey, OU BD Fellow and Coordinator in the OSU Office of Multicultural Affairs, gave a seminar on giving presentations. OK-LSAMP and invited scholars made 16 oral presentations and 40 poster presentations to 188 faculty, staff, students, and guests.



The 17th Annual Research Symposium was held on Saturday, October 1, 2011. We were enthralled by the keynote address presented by Dr. Tyrone Hayes, professor at the University of California-Berkeley. Dr. Hayes’ research focuses on the effects of atrazine (a chemical found in many pesticides) on frogs. Dr. Hayes’s presentation was both extremely entertaining and educational. He has made numerous discoveries through his research and continues to search for more answers and collaborate with other researchers in the nation and across the globe. OK-LSAMP and invited scholars made 15 oral presentations and presented 41 posters to the 195 attendees to the symposium. In addition to the keynote address and research presentations, there was a session on Research Ethics given by Evan Davis and information on summer internships and graduate school opportunities was made available to attendees.

Video of Dr Hayes' keynote address can be found here.



The 16th Annual Research Symposium was held on Saturday, September 25, 2010. 181 people attended for 18 oral presentations and 53 posters. We were excited to have Dr. Henry Neeman, Director of the Oklahoma Supercomputing Center for Education and Research (OSCER) at the University of Oklahoma, as the keynote speaker. Dr. Neeman collaborates with dozens of research groups, applying High Performance Computing techniques in fields such as numerical weather prediction, bioinformatics and genomics, data mining, high energy physics, astronomy, nanotechnology, petroleum reservoir management, river basin modeling and engineering optimization. In addition to the scholar presentations and the keynote address, there were graduate school and summer internship question and answer panels and Evan Davis provided us with a session on Research Ethics.

The first ever Pursuing Higher Degrees (PHD) Camp was an absolute success! This camp is based on a similar concept developed by Diana Lizarrage at the University of California-Berkeley. OK-LSAMP's two day intensive hands-on workshop was designed to help scholars develop a "toolbox" of skills for entering and succeeding in graduate school. Experienced educators and professionals offered sessions on the selection and application process for graduate programs including online search strategies, writing goal statements, crafting resumes, and preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Additional sessions incorporated one-on-one editing opportunities for participants. This inaugural camp was attended by 44 OK-LSAMP Scholars.



The 15th Annual Research Symposium was held on Saturday, October 3, 2009. We were excited and honored to have Daniel H. Wilson, Ph.D. serve as our keynote speaker. Daniel is an OK-LSAMP alum who graduated from the University of Tulsa. He continued his education at Carnegie Mellon where he earned two Masters and a Doctorate. He has written several science fiction novels starting with How to Survive a Robot Uprising. The 15th Annual Research Symposium had 179 people in attendance. There were 20 oral presentations and 48 posters. Dr. Carl Rutledge and Dr. J. C. Diaz, again, provided sessions on Research Ethics.




The 14th Annual Research Symposium was held on Saturday, September 20, 2008, on the Oklahoma State University (OSU), Stillwater campus. We were honored to have Dr. A. James Hicks, NSF LSAMP Program Director, in attendance. We had 119 people (including 73 graduate and undergraduate students and 35 faculty and staff) participate in this year’s event. Fourteen students gave oral presentations and 34 students presented posters. We also had recruitment tables set up by Frontier Electronics, OG&E, OSU Graduate College, the University of Oklahoma Graduate College, EPSCoR/OSU Department of Physics, OSU Center for Health Sciences, and Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science Program (SOARS). We are thankful to Rebecca Haacker-Santos (SOARS Coordinator) and Talea Mayo (SOARS Fellow) for sharing information on SOARS and Dr. Carl Rutledge (OK-LSAMP Coordinator) and Dr. J. C. Diaz (OK-LSAMP Coordinator) for providing Research Ethics sessions. We are especially thankful to Dr. A. James Hicks for speaking to our BD Fellows.


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