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Coordinator of Women's and LGBTQ Affairs

Irissa Baxter-Luper, M.A.

Coordinator of Women's and LGBTQ Affairs

Sexual Assault Victim's Advocate

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Division of Institutional Diversity

240 Student Union 




Irissa Baxter-Luper is both Oklahoman born and raised and the daughter of an OSU alumnus. She received her Bachelor of Arts at Hampshire College in Massachusetts and her Master of Arts from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Her academic career focused on the history of systems of oppression and how they interact with identity. She believes that diversity-centered programming not only expands students’ perspectives within and without the OSU community, but also allows traditionally underrepresented students to have voice and representation. Irissa believes that every student has a different path to greatness and that her job is to guide them along this path and support and advocate for them whenever necessary. She believes in engaging in conversations about difference with empathy and dedication to justice. Irissa also serves as one of three OSU Sexual Assault Victim Advocates, where she serves students in traumatic situations with passionate and competent care.

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