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The Trans Trunk

The Trans Trunk is an ongoing project of The Office of Multicultural Affairs to better aid the transgender community of Oklahoma State University. This project functions as a free clothing closet, similar to a food bank, but aimed at the lack of necessary clothing for transgender students.


The main clothing necessary for the Trans Trunk project is clothing that is often difficult for transgender youth to access:

  • chest binders (similar to a bra, restricts the breast tissue to appear smaller and flatter)
  • bras 
  • breast forms (inserts to create the appearance of breasts)
  • packers (inserts to create the appearance of genitalia) and packing underwear 
  • feminine clothing
  • masculine clothing

Bras and chest binders are expensive, with the most inexpensive safe binders often costing around $35 a piece. Because of this, transgender individuals - especially transgender youth - are often unable to afford them. Many transgender youth resort to binding with bandages, which is linked to breathing problems, damage to the ribcage, and skin damage. Safe and accessible alternatives, such as free binders through The Trans Trunk, make these issues less likely.

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