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All-Gender Restrooms

List updated: June 2021

General University Classrooms:

Building Name Room Number
Agriculture Hall 102AA*, 139LA*
Bartlett Independent Living 108*
Business 100D
Central Plant 000E
DWR Architecture 100B, 140B
Endeavor Labs 100C
General Academic Building 201F*
Hazard Reaction Lab 100B, 104C*
McKnight Center for the Performing Arts 100E, 100J, 120A*, 122A*, 124A*, 126A*, 128A*, 130A*, 134A*, 135A*, 200E
North Murray 100A, 100D, 111AB*
Nancy Randolph Davis West 110CD*, 110DB*, 110FB*, 126
Nancy Randolph Davis 106EA*, 110B*, 126A*, 165C*, 241B*, 307M*, 400F
Offices 1202 McElroy Road 100B, 130A*
Paul Miller Journalism 300H
Poultry Services 100A
Public Information Office 100A, 100B, 305A
Robert Kerr Food & Ag Processing 209A*
Scott Hall 111B
Seretean Center of Performing Arts 101A*, 125D*
Seretean Wellness Center 100K, 100J
University Laundry 105
US Department of Agriculture 104R
Wes Watkins Center 104A*


Residential Life Buildings:

Building Name Room Number
Stout Hall 000P*, 100F
Bennett Hall C213, C313, C413
Parker Hall 000B, 100A, 100B
KD Lobby / Mezzanine Trailer HD
Wentz 100A, 100B
Iba Hall 000C, 100A, 100D
Village A 102B*
Village B 102AA*
Village C & D 100C*
Village E & F 100C
Zink / Allen 100G, 200C, 200L, 300C, 300L
Pattillos Community Center 101A
Patchin / Jones 100G, 200C, 200L, 300C, 300L, 400C, 400L
Booker / Stinchcomb 200C, 200L, 300C, 300L


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