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LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Celebrating as a family
At Oklahoma State University, we embrace and value all members of our LGTBQ+ community. Every year, the Cowboy family comes together through a series of events, programs and meetings in honor of LGBTQ+ Pride. Since LGTBQ+ Pride Month is typically celebrated annually in June when most students are gone, OSU highlights LGTBQ+ Pride celebrations during the month of April. This allows our community to celebrate together while still on campus. In 2019, Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce declared the first week of April as Stillwater LGBTQ+ Pride Week and the inaugural Payne County Pride Festival was held.

2022 Events

April 23 

Theater on the Lawn: She Kills Monsters

Library Lawn • 12 p.m.
Hosted by Student Arts Alliance
The Student Arts Alliance is bringing live theatre to the Library Lawn once again this year with our annual student production. Enjoy the contemporary Dungeons & Dragons themed play, “She Kills Monsters”, on a warm afternoon with your favorite blanket and picnic supplies. This play contains LGBTQ+ themes and is a dramatic exploration of love and loss. Admission is free.
April 28 

#PetesBookshelf Book Chat

Student Union 412 • 6 p.m.
Hosted by Student Arts Alliance
Register online, pick up your free book, and start reading this month's choice A Marvellous Light! Then join Student Arts Alliance on April 28 for a free dinner and book chat. Prior registration is required for attending the dinner.
April 29 

Lavender Graduation

Student Union 450 • 4:45-6 p.m.
Hosted by Office of Multicultural Affairs and Oklahoma State Queers & Allies
Join us to celebrate the graduating LGBTQ+ students! Register online if you are graduating and would like to be honored at the ceremony.
#PRIDE on sign with Rainbow flag

Committed to our LGTBQ+ community

LGBTQ+ Students

OSU provides support for LGBTQ individuals, develops avenues for social cohesion, and addresses important national and local issues that affect the LGBTQ community as a whole.

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LGBTQ+ Resources

Resources aren't always easy to find within the LGBTQ community. Look here for our collection of local and national resources and organizations.

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