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Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

Honoring the contributions of the APIDA community
At Oklahoma State University, we are passionate about inviting our campus family and community to celebrate and learn more about various Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) cultures. The heritage of Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi Americans (APIDA) is celebrated in April. This is an important time to honor and acknowledge the contribution of the APIDA community to our history, cultures and society.
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month began as a heritage week in the Legislature in 1977 with joint resolutions from both Rep. Frank Horton and Sen. Daniel Inouye. In 1992, Congress declared May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. At OSU, we honor the holiday in April to allow our community to celebrate together while still on campus. 

Heritage and Belonging

2023 Mr. and Miss Asian OSU 
The mission of the Mr. & Miss Asian OSU Scholarship Pageant is to further develop the leadership, confidence and creativity of Asian students on the OSU campus. Mr. & Miss Asian OSU will positively advance the aims and objectives of the Asian American Student Association and will represent Oklahoma State University and the Asian community as role models and spokespersons. 

Committed to our AAPI community

Student Resources

The Asian American Student Association's main purpose at Oklahoma State University is to spread and promote diversity through events and networking opportunities.

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Faculty & Staff

The objectives of AAFSA are to promote fellowship, engage in social and cultural activities deemed appropriate, liaise with other cultural/civic/ethnic/ international organizations, serve as liaison between OSU faulty and staff or Asian origin, as well as between the Stillwater and broader Oklahoma community.

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