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Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government

The Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government is annual leadership conference hosted by a Big 12 institution's Black student government or association in collaboration with various campus and community partners.



The council was created in 1977 when Black students from all the Big Eight Conference institutions came together in recognition that they were suffering from similar problems at their respective campuses. The next year, University of Missouri students formally created the Big Eight Council and Conference on Black Student Government. In 1997, the Big Eight Conference was expanded to include four Texas institutions forming the new Big 12 Conference. The Big Eight Council on Black Student Government officially changed their name to the Big 12 Council on Black Student Government and included the four Texas schools into the structure of the organization. Each year, an institute member of the Big 12 Council on Black Student Government hosts the annual Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government.


OSU & The Big 12 Council on Black Student Government

The OSU African American Student Association (Afro-Am) is an active member of the Big 12 Council on Black Student Government. The council expands their knowledge of diverse perspectives and experiences of the commonly held concerns and issues facing African American students at various universities and colleges. Afro-Am executive members participate on the council and assist with planning and facilitating the conference. In addition, the organizations represented on the council pay dues which fund scholarships for conference participants each spring.


The Conference

Students who attend the conference will strengthen their leadership skills, build networks with other student leaders from across the country and participate in educational workshops which will enrich their professional and personal development.    

Conference attendees hail from various Big 12 and non-Big 12 institutions. The students attending the conference represent an array of Black student associations/organizations that promote, celebrate, and educate their respective campuses on the cultural heritage, history and customs of people across the African diaspora. The objectives of the conference are to uplift and empower communities through leadership, academic achievement, spirituality and political action.


Host Institutions at a Glance

  • 2021: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

    • February 18-20

  • 2019- University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
    • February 21-23
  • 2018- Baylor University, Waco, TX
    • March 1-3

*Oklahoma State University is scheduled to host the conference spring 2023.*


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